Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dove Proves that Beauty is a state of mind.

Inside every woman is the power to feel beautiful, confident and radiant, according to a first-of-its-kind social experiment conducted by Dove. Carried out in response to research revealing that an alarming 80% of women feel anxious about the way they look1, the study highlights how the right state of mind can unlock a powerful feeling of beauty that lives inside all women. The results are documented in the short film Dove: Patches on YouTube.com/DoveIndia.

The experiment was guided by psychologist and New York Times best-selling author, Dr. Ann Kearney-Cooke (Ph.D., Counseling Psychology) who has spent thirty years conducting scientific research around women’s body image and self-esteem.

Review : L'Oreal Paris Shine Caresse In Bella & Juliette

What the product claims: Now hydration & shine meet lasting, lightweight color. With Shine Caresse, discover a lip gloss that doubles up as a lip stain. This next generation lip colour combines the texture & shine of a gloss with the long-wear ability of a stain. It delivers a lasting colour with a subtle glossy shine.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Get “SELFIE READY” with Pond’s white beauty BB Cream.

It starts with a certain angle; a smartphone tilted at 45 degrees just above your eye line, a light source of a backlit window or a bursting flash…Snap! But there are many things that can ruin that perfect Selfie - pimple scars, acne marks, etc. Now Pond’s white beautyTM BB+ Foundation and Fairness cream is all set to make every girl look her Selfie best!
Pond’s, the leading face care brand has announced the launch of an exciting digital campaign that invites consumers to get “Selfie Ready” with Pond’s white beautyTM BB+ Foundation and Fairness cream. The contest, ‘Are you Selfie Ready?’ invites participation through three simple steps – click, upload and share! Win exciting hampers along with the grand prize where the best Selfies get a chance to be featured on the Pond’s billboards across various cities. So this April it’s time to showcase your Selfie-love to the rest of the world.
Visit the Pond’s “Selfie Ready” website http://selfieready.ponds.in/ and check out the engaging campaign video that gives one a glimpse into the colourful world of a young girl.

How to clean and take care of your favorite, delicate garments.

I recently went on a Vacation to Goa and now I am left with a pile of my favorite colorful clothes to wash. I wanted to find an alternative rather than just giving them away for laundry. So I did some research and found out there are few garments that you can wash with hand wash technique at home without damaging them. To tell you the truth I don’t remember the last time I gave my clothes for laundry, I clean all my colorful favorite dresses with the following method.
*I haven’t faced any issue with this hand wash technique but if you feel your garments need to be sent to the laundry please do so. Don’t forget to read the label, it tells you exactly how to take care of your garment.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Review : Oriflame Skin Dream BB Cream

What the product Claims: Oriflame’s 5-in-1 skin dream bb cream is the perfect time-saving solution for the woman on-the-go who wants a flawless face in a flash. With a high spf of 30, this cream delivers everything your skin needs and the look you want, in one super-charged beauty balm.

Your skin will look perfectly flawless and stay perfectly protected. The cream contains a breakthrough bb formula created by Oriflame scientists with glowing skin in mind and inspired by the original bb concept – to soothe, nourish and heal the skin, as well as camouflage any redness.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Shingora's Scarves SS2014 collections.

Cover - Up from the Summer Sun with Shingora Scarves

For centuries, a scarf has been the most versatile accessory for women across cultures and styles. Draped around, a scarf not only improves the look of your outfit, but also says something about who you are. With the temperatures soaring high, Shingora, a premium fashion accessories brand has launched their new range of scarves that perfect to match your summer wardrobe. The collection has all the rich colors in vibrant prints on luxurious silk, linen and cotton fabrics.
A woman who wears a scarf looks more worldly and sophisticated as it represents every bit of Parisian chic style; as the famous saying goes every French woman owns one scarf for sure

While wrapping the scarf around your neck and shoulders is one of the easiest and widely used methods; style experts also recommend tying a scarf around your head to save your lush hair while out in the sun. There are many ways to tie a scarf that look classy and posh as they add a touch of glamorous femininity to women.

Place the scarf on your head, folded into a triangle, with both ends hanging down loose or tie two pretty knots with both the ends and let the remaining fabric just hang loose. Instead of wearing it around your neck, try tying it on your handbag strap or wrapped around your waist over a basic shift dress to stylize the look. All you need is a good sense of the way to tie it and which fabric and color to choose from, pair a scarf with stylish eyeglasses and you're good to go this summer!
Shingora scarves are priced from Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 15, 000 and are available across leading retail counters across the country.

About Shingora:
The brand was conceived to create an impeccable taste for high-fashion accessories with exceptional quality and alluring designs, perfect to fit the modern age wardrobe. They are the largest manufacturers and exporters of an exquisite variety in shawls, stoles, wraps, scarves and pocket squares for women, men and kids in the country.

Summer Hair Trends 2014

Summer 2014 Hair trend report by Jean-Claude Biguine Salon and Spa

Start planning your new season makeover now - with some help from our guide to summer 2014's biggest and most fashionable hair trends. From messy bobs to extreme side partings and hair colours that are a rage this season, we pick the hair trends that you need to know this summer.

Textured Pixie Cut

The look: The pixie haircut is still on trend and is the perfect no-fuss look of the season. The textured pixie is kept soft and feminine with a slight edge. Hair has slightly ragged edges with long wispy bangs that follow that wispy edge up and around the ears. Hair is cut short around the ears but left slightly longer and soft around the rest of the head. Short layers at the crown help add shape and volume.

The tip: When hair is dry, grab your favourite pomade or wax hair product and pinch the ends of bangs and sideburns to create a pointed/piecey look. Use more product to rough up the crown to create shape and volume.

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